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2008/12/10   2008 International Conference on Homeland Security-Taipei, Taiwan

2008 International Conference on Homeland Security
and Technology:Critical Infrastructure Protection

A country's sustainability and citizens' living quality are highly dependent on the safety operation of critical infrastructure. The critical infrastructure includes systems such as finance, stock market, telecommunication network, harbors, airports, high-speed rails, important technology R & D, science parks, clean water, water supply facility, electricity and energy powerhouse. Administrations around the world are dedicated to achieving the goal of well maintenance and risk management of critical infrastructure to ensure stability of finance, telecommunication systems, and economic development capabilities.

The critical infrastructure protection in Taiwan is a key to homeland security. The Executive Yuan has thus completed an entire set of homeland security mechanism, structure and adaptive plan. Aims to protect the safety and operation of critical infrastructure in Taiwan, and ensure homeland security as well as citizens' lives and properties, the Executive Yuan looks forward to further incorporating the central and local government authorities, and integrating resources of businesses and the private sector.

For that reason, this year's International Conference on Homeland Security and Technology focused on the reinforcement of the critical infrastructure protection in Taiwan, as well as cooperation with local governments and the private sector. Through the conference, the Homeland Security Office of Executive Yuan, the conference host, and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), the conference organizer, both hope to bring together current structures and operation experiences from the advanced countries, to introduce relevant techniques and technology applications, and to establish a complete analyzing and managing system for critical infrastructure protection in Taiwan that strengthens capabilities of national adaptability and recuperative power.