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2014/03/24   38th APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group Serial Meetings-Splendor Hotel, Taichung
The 38th APEC SMEWG Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 March to Thursday, 27 March to be followed by field visit on Friday, 28 March. Prior to the Meeting, as of now four SME-related workshops are scheduled to be: 1. Workshop on Facilitating SME Integration into Global Value Chains by the United States and Australia on Monday, 24 March, 2. APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Resilient SMEs for Better Global Supply Chains by Chinese Taipei on Monday, 24 March, and 3. APEC Accelerator Network Forum by Chinese Taipei on Tuesday, 25 March. Other Information: http://38apecsmewg.tier.org.tw/