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2010/05/06   2010 Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships participants visit TIER-TIER

2010 Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships participants visited TIER to get to know more about cross-strait relationship as well asTaiwan's politics and economy. This visit is planned by the Association of Taiwan Journalists, the East-West Center, and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

2010 Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships participants 

1. Ms. Li, Marilyn,East-West Center,Hawaii
2.Ms. Susan Lisocivz, Former CNN Correspondent, New York 
3.Mr. Nisid Hajari, Director of Editorial Development, Newsweek Magazine, New York 
4.Mr. Jim Wasserman, Senior Business Writer, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, California
5.Mr. Howard Schneider, International Economic Correspondent, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.
6.Ms. Sandy Hausman, Bureau Chief, Virginia Public Radio, Charlottesville, Virginia
7.Mr.Dee DePass ,Business Reporter, The Star Tribune,Minneapolis,Minnesota
TIER representives
1.President Dr. David Hong
2.Dr. Steven Yang, Director of Research Division Ⅵ
3.Mr. Shih-Hau Chen, Deputy Director of Research DivisionⅤ
4.Mr. Chao-Jung Chuang, Director of Chinese Industrial and Economic Research Center
5.Mr. Ming-Te Sun, Director of Secretariat of Industrial Development Advisory Council, MOEA
6.Dr. Darson Chiu , Associate Research Fellow, International Affairs Division
7.Dr. Tsai-Lung(Honigmann) Hong, Associate Research Fellow, Research Division Ⅵ
8.Dr. Tristan Liu, Associate Research Fellow, Research Division Ⅱ
9.Ms. Yung-Ching Tang, Assistant Research Fellow, President's Office