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2009/08/19   Vietnam National University College of Economics visited TIER-TIER

In order to facilitate the Vietnamese National Research Project on "the Foundations for the Development of Service Sector in Vietnam from Present to 2020," Dr.  Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector of the college of Economics at VNU and his senior fellows visited TIER to seek advice.  During the one hour meeting, TIER president Dr.David Hong shared his observation and insights on the service sector development in Taiwan.  The development of three key service sectors including education-training, science-technology, and finance-banking are of great interests in the discussion.  In addition, Vietnamese delegation proposed future cooperative possibilities to work with TIER in research project and research seminar coordination.

Host: Dr. David S. Hong, President of TIER

Representatives from VNU:

Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector, College of Economics, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Dr. Nguyen Mang Hung, Director of Center for International Strategy and Security Studies, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)

Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Director of College of Economics, Vietnam

Representatives from TIER:

Dr. Chien-yi Chang, Deputy Director, Research Division Two

Mr. Chao Jung Chuang, Director of Chinese Industrial and Economic Research Center

Ms. Yung-Ching Tang, International Affairs Specialist, the President's Office