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November 2012
☆ Leadership transition in US and China add uncertainties to world economy

October 2012
☆ Uncertainties overshadow the second half of 2012 economic outlook

September 2012
☆ More has been done to pick up the sluggish economy

August 2012
☆ Has the Economy Hit the Trough Already?

July 2012
☆ What else can be done for recovery?

June 2012
☆ Euro Crisis Slows Down Global Recovery, Deja vu or Nightmare?

May 2012
☆ Taiwan Economy Facing Headwinds from External and Internal Aspects

April 2012
☆ TIER’s adjusted 2012 growth forecast downward

March 2012
☆ Stabilized global conditions fuel Taiwan’s growth potential

February 2012
☆ Trade contraction in January momentarily constraints Taiwan’s growth

January 2012
☆ Global uncertainties contain Taiwanese economic performance

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