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November 2011
☆ TIER: Euro crisis continues to wreck havoc in the financial sector

October 2011
☆ TIER: Prospective fallouts from the Euro crisis dampens business confidence

August 2011
☆ Manufacturing sector remain positive despite the crisis in Euro and US

July 2011
☆ Manufacturing sector is cautious due to the cyclical correction

June 2011
☆ Commodity price and the Japanese quake shake manufacturers' confidence in April

May 2011
☆ Manufacturing sector is positive on economic outlook

April 2011
☆ Prospects of the negative cyclical factors exist in February

March 2011
☆ Global economic recovery and emerging market growth bolster manufacturing sector sentiment

February 2011
☆ TIER: Manufacturing sector performance remains solid

January 2011
☆ Expected future demands bolster manufacturing sector sentiment

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