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December 2020
☆ Uncertainties betide European economy with new variant of virus

November 2020
☆ Restarting lockdown measures slow down recovery for final demands

September 2020
☆ Second quarter performances of major economies, bad but not as bad as earlier projected

August 2020
☆ Gradual recovery of world demand due to lockdown lifted

July 2020
☆ World demand rebound with respect to uncertainties

June 2020
☆ World economies reopen for business and look for economic rebound

May 2020
☆ World major economies aim for bottom rebound

April 2020
☆ The global economy is striving to cope with the COVID-19 impacts

March 2020
☆ Global economy is constrained by the coronavirus outbreak

February 2020
☆ Corona virus as a new uncertainty threatening the global economic recovery

January 2020
☆ The global economic recovery in 2020 seems positive

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