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Canadian Trade Office in Taipei Visits TIER
The FDI-Intelligence Visits TIER
The Central and South America Journalists Visit TIER
The Japanese Reporters Corps Visits TIER
The International Journalists Corps Visits TIER
The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) Visits TIER
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Visits TIER
Lazard Asset Management Visits TIER
Representative Office in Taipei for the Moscow-Taipei Coordination Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation Visits TIER
The Central and South America Reporters Visit TIER
The Asian Development Bank visit TIER
The United States Congress assistants Visit TIER
2015 APEC Informal Senior Officials Meeting and Related Meetings
The United States Congress assistants Visit TIER
The German Journalists Corps Visits TIER
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) visit TIER
The AIT Visits TIER
The AIT Visits TIER
The Nigeria Visits TIER
The Canadian Trade Office In Taipei Visits TIER
The Budapest Business School Visits TIER
The International Journalists Corps Visits TIER
The 30th Pacific Economic Community Seminar
The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Visits TIER
Directors of Canadian Trade Office in Taipei Visits TIER
The Southeast Asia Reporter Group Visits TIER
The Okinawa Group Visits TIER
views regarding the impacts and outlook of AIIB.
The Germany Student Group Visits TIER
Mr. Michael Pignatello, Deputy Chief of Economic Section at AIT, Visits TIER
Dr. DoHoon Kim, President of KIEP, Visits TIER
The 37th PAFTAD Conference
2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation- Second Senior Officials’ Meeting
Dr. Robert Wang, US APEC Senior Officer, Visits TIER
2015 APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference
Ms. Si'alei Van Toor, Representative of NZCIO Visits TIER
HSBC Economic Analyst, Mr Devendra Joshi, Visits TIER
ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council) 2
Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center -Berkeley APEC Study Center Cooperation
Dr. Hiroshi Kakazu, Professor Emeritus of the University of the Ryukyus, Visits TIER
Ms. Amy Lilley, Assistant Director, International Unit, UK Trade & Investment, Visits TIER
Ms. Catherine Raper, Representative of Australian Office, and Ms. Patricia Smith, Deputy Director of Economic and Policy Section, Visit TIER
Ms. Viktoria Lovenberg, Deputy Head of European Economic and Trade Office, and Ms. Pai-Hsueh Huang Visit TIER
Ms. Sharmila Whelan, Deputy Chief Economist, Asianomics, Visits TIER
NZCIO Economic Section Head Mr. Luke Leonard Visits TIER
China Contact Editor Mr. Peter Tichauer Visits TIER
2014 KIET-TIER-RIETI Workshop
Mr. Taira Koji, Director of Environmental Protection and Natual Resources Division Econony, Visits TIER
Foreign Media Group for Taiwan's National Celebration Visits TIER
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Taipei Branch GM Mr. Fukuzumi visits TIER
APEC Accelerator Network Summit 2014
New Director of NZCIO visits TIER
Director and Deputy Director of Commercial Office of Brazil Visit TIER
Mr. Che Bryan Smith, Deputy Representative of Liaison office of South Africa, Visits TIER
The U.S. Legislative Assistant Group Visits TIER
38th APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group Serial Meetings
Professor Andrew O'Neil Visits TIER
Mr. Yoshihiro Watanabe Visits TIER
The Canadian Youth Leader Group Visits TIER
TIER-RIETI-KIET Workshop on "Structural Reform and Policy Challenges"
Mr. Allan Edwards, Director of Trade and Investment in Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Visits TIER
The Canadian Think Tank Group Visits TIER
The Press Group Visits TIER
APEC創業加速器領袖高峰會暨Intel APEC創業挑戰賽
NZCIO Deputy Director Ms. Serena Chui and Economic Section head Ms. Hayley Anderson Visit TIER
APEC Seminar on Marine Mining Development
President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Dr. Snower visits and lectures at TIER
The Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar Professors and Students Visits TIER
2013 APEC Study Camp
Director of the Australia APEC Study centre Dr. Ken Waller visits TIER
The AIT Economic Section Deputy Chief and Economic Officers visit TIER
Naval Postgraduate School student and Economic Officer and Economic Specialist at AIT visit TIER
The Director of Investment Department and the Director of Industry Department in Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei visit TIER
The Consul-General of Finland Hong Kong and Macao and The Representative of Finland Trade Center in Taiwan visit TIER
2011 PECC Agricultural and Food Policy Forum: Moving Beyond Market Volatility to Foster Food Security
Examining the Mid- and Long-Term Structural Unemployment in Asia-Pacific
「Seeking a new balance in the regional integration of the Asia-Pacific region」International Symposium
Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (Brunei) visit TIER
2011 International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation
APEC Symposium on Enhancing SME Capacity of Managing the Risks Associated with Trade Liberalization
The Consul General of Sweden to Hong Kong and Macau and The Swedish Representative of the Swedish Trade Council Taipei visit TIER
WTO Permanent Representative of Thailand Ambassador visits TIER
NZCIO Representative and Economic and General Affairs section Head visit TIER
The 11 th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation
Ishigaki-jima City Mayor Nagayama visit TIER
APEC SME Crisis Management Training Workshop
The 2010 Asia Foundry Forum
2010 Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowships participants visit TIER
European Center for Political Economy Dr. Razeen Sally visits TIER
Senior Economist from the French Treasury visits TIER
Discovery Capital Management Mr. John Fagan visits TIER
Taiwan Workshop, Lund University
The 10 th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation
Vietnam National University College of Economics visited TIER
EIU Economist Jan Friederich visited TIER
Macquarie and APG Investments representatives visited TIER
International Conference on Beyond 3G Mobile Communications (ICB3G) - 2009
The 3rd Cross-strait Economic and Trade Forum
BIO 2009
Frontier Center for Public Policy Research Director Dr. Mark Milke visited TIER
Wireless and Optical Communications Conference --The 18th Annual Wireless & Optical Communications Conference
Hubei Provincial Tax Research Commitee Visited TIER
Mobile Vision 2009 Conference
WEC Asia Regional Meeting and Forum on Prospects for Korea's Green Nuclear Energy Industry
Mitsubishi UFJ Research anc consulting Co., Ltd. visits TIER
2008 International Conference on Homeland Security
Bauhinia Foundation Research Center visits TIER
2008 TIER-RIETI Workshop
Taiwan-Russia Joint Symposium on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Application
Bio-Economy 2020 Forum
ABIC 2008
2008 13th Asian Real Estate Society Annual Meeting & International Conference
2008 Global Chinese Real Estate Congress
Taiwan Competitiveness Forum 2008
2008 International Forum on Urban Development and Planning & the 1st Expo on Urban Planning and Construction
2007 Asia Pacific Housing Forum
BIO 2007
TIER-SERI Research Cooperation